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Warehouse / Operations / Registrar Supervisor 倉庫/營運/珍品部人員或主管

Hong Kong
Job Description
The role:
An exciting opportunity for a skilled and self-motivated Warehouse / Operations / Registrar Supervisor, you will be responsible to provide exceptional care in handling, packing, movement, and storage of the client’s property. Maintain and uphold the company’s core values and level of professionalism with the primary focus and goal being always the safety of your team and client’s property.

Key responsibilities (Not limited to the following):
• The key person in charge and main liaison between Helu-Trans and our key client.
• Review, update and implement workflow, SOP and schedules as agreed with client and upper Helu-trans management.
• Leading a team of 2 to prioritise jobs and fulfil client’s requests, support all visits by client specialists and wider operations team.
• Build important relationships between your team and the client.
• Liaise and coordinate with the client to ensure efficient day to day in-house property movement, packing, installation & de-installation, property receipt and release to internal and external client
• Ensure accurate and timely receipt of property upon arrival at the warehouse by condition check with photos, provide accurate labelling, barcoding, scanning in JDE to complete the stock-in process
• Issue/update inventory record and job order at the assigned systems
• Ensure all incidents, accidents, damages or losses, discrepancies are reported to upper management immediately and an incident report form completed.
• Handle and provide exceptional property release experience to both internal and external clients
• Effective communication with the client to support billing, photography, filming, cataloguing, lotting up, reframing and any activities where necessary.
• Ensure day to day operations and the warehouse are kept to a high standard of cleanliness and organisation.
• Perform physical stock checks according to schedule and ensure inventory accuracy of the warehouse.
• Other duties as assigned
• 為Helu-Trans 與主要客戶之間的主要負責人和主要聯絡人。
• 根據與客戶和 Helu-trans 上層管理層達成的協議,審查、更新和實施工作流程、SOP 和時間表。
• 領導或為 2 人團隊確定工作優先順序並滿足客戶的要求,支援客戶和更廣泛的營運團隊的所有訪客來訪和參觀
• 在您的團隊和客戶之間建立重要的關係。
• 與客戶聯絡和協調,確保高效的日常內部珍品的轉移、包裝、安裝和拆卸、珍品的接收和向內部和外部客戶的發放
• 透過照片檢查狀況,確保物品到達倉庫後準確及時地收到,提供準確的標籤、條碼、JDE 掃描以完成入庫的流程
• 在指定的系統上發布/更新庫存記錄和工作訂單
• 確保立即向主管報告所有事故、損壞或損失、差異,並填寫事故報告表。
• *為內部和外部客戶處理並提供卓越的珍品的發放體驗
• 與客戶進行有效的溝通,以支援計算費用、攝影、拍攝、編目、重構和任何必要的活動。
• 確保日常營運和倉庫維持高標準的清潔和管理。
• 依計畫進行庫存盤點,確保倉庫庫存的準確性。
• 其他指派的職責
Job Requirements
• Interest or experience with Luxury Goods, Fine Art and/or Chinese Fine Art would be advantageous.
• Degree in Logistics/Art related study/Art History/Museum Study is preferred. Other discipline will also be considered.
• At least 2 years of supervisor experience in warehouse operation or auction house or gallery.
• Fluent verbal and written English and Chinese (including Mandarin)
• Possess advanced computer skills (MS Office)
• Safety first attitude and exceptional care in handling and security of property
• Very high level of attention to details and organization skills
• Excellent client service skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills, able to work well within a team and a proven ability to communicate well with internal and external clients
• Physical work, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and overall material handling.
• Heavy lifting (box, crate, heavy property etc.), typically up to 35 pounds/ 16 Kilograms per piece to be individually lifted and carried
• Use of equipment & tools, e.g., pallet jacks, crowbars, material handling equipment
• Use of Ladder
Candidate with less experience and/or education level will be considered as Registrar.
• 對奢侈品、美術和/或中國美術有興趣或有經驗者優先
• 物流/藝術相關研究/藝術史/博物館研究學位優先,其他也會被考慮
• 至少有2年倉庫營運或拍賣行或畫廊的主管經驗
• 流利的英語和中文口頭和書面表達方面(包括普通話)
• 擁有高階電腦技能(MS Office)
• 安全第一的態度以及對財產處理和安全的格外小心
• 對細節和組織能力的高度關注
• 優秀的客戶服務技能
• 優秀的人際溝通能力,能夠在團隊內部和外部客戶良好溝通的能力
• 體力勞動,舉重、搬運、推、拉和整體材料搬運
• 起重(箱子、板條箱、重物等),通常每件達 35 磅/16 公斤,需要單獨舉起和搬運
• 使用設備和工具,例如托盤搬運車、撬棍、物料搬運設備
• 使用梯子
經驗和/或教育程度較少的候選人將被考慮為 “珍品處理員”
Job Highlights
• Specialist handling of Luxury Handbags and Chinese Paintings
• Customer Service
• Warehouse / Operational Management
• 專業處理珍品手袋與中國書畫
• 客戶服務
• 倉庫/營運管理

Interested parties please send your full resume in WORD/PDF format with current and expected salary to celiaho@helutrans.com and mandyho@helutrans.com for application. Any query, please call (852) 2619 0219. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Thank you.
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