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Trade Compliance Policy

Helu-Trans (S) Pte Ltd is commited to complying with all applicable export, import, and trade compliance laws in all countries in which we do business. This policy also reflects our commitment to compliance to the terms, conditions and regulations set forth by Singapore Custom's ZGS scheme.

Our 8 steps to compliance:

  1. All imports/exports are to be accurately declared to the relevant officials of the import/export countries
  2. Shipping documentation shall accurately describe item(s) being shipped with the applicable permits in place.
  3. Helutrans strives for integrity and honesty in all customs declarations.
  4. Helutrans shall maintain a proper warehouse management system.
  5. Helutrans will maintain full import and export transaction documents for compliance audits.
  6. Helutrans shall conduct a periodic stock count of bonded goods and maintain documentary records.
  7. Helutrans shall maintain all records and documentation for the movement of bonded goods.
  8. Helutrans endeavours to give our full cooperation with all authorities and government agencies.

Mr Dick Chia
Group CEO,
Helu-Trans (S) Pte Ltd